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Old 12-16-2003, 09:47 AM
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We're going to be combining our Cape trip with the Extreme Edge Tournament. The date is 6/12/04 for the Tourney. Lodging up until the Tourney will be at a resort with special rates to be announced in the not to distant future.

We've secured a house for the week of 6/12-6/19. This house is on the water at Nauset Inlet, right across from one of our favorite stretches to fish. That means that we'll be able to keep the yaks in the backyard and literally fish whenever we wish too; before breakfast, after dinner, middle of the night, etc. This convenience is going to cost more though. It looks like we've got plenty of people who want this option (that's why we got the house already). WE need to now how many so please get a hold of us. Also we need to know if anyone is interested in the week of 6/20-6/26. If we get the house for 2 weeks we've negotiated a very nice break and can pass that along then. If its only the one week that we have the house we're looking at app. $300 a person (no more and possibly less).

There's also the house that we had last year. Its much more reasonably priced and will hold at $150 per person. What we'd like to know is who plans on going to the Cape and needs to be more budget conscious.

Please let me know your intentions so we can plan accordingly. Its going to be a great time.

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