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The NJDEP's Division of Fish and Wildlife has developed the New Jersey Wildlife Action Plan (Plan), a blueprint that will help guide conservation efforts throughout our state. The Plan focuses on species of conservation concern however, the necessary management and protection efforts will most certainly assist in the conservation of all of New Jersey's native wildlife in addition to maintaining a higher quality of life for our residents.

Although a formal review of the Plan is not scheduled until 2011, New Jersey's Wildlife Action Plan is considered a living document that will undergo revisions as appropriate. New Jersey residents are encouraged to review the Wildlife Action Plan and provide comments and recommendations for consideration for revisions to the Plan. The most current version of the Plan will be posted at all times with a summary of substantive revisions that have been made to help guide our readers.

The Wildlife Action Plan is quite lengthy, however it is formatted to allow anyone interested in only a specific region or local area to focus on those particular sections of the Plan. The Overview addresses statewide conservation issues which we recommend all interested parties review. There are then sections that focus on regions of the state and within each region there are smaller Conservation Zones that each have their own conservation focus. As partners in conservation, we hope that you will review the Plan and share your thoughts and ideas.

You can view the Plan on our website: http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/ensp/waphome.htm

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