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Old 08-25-2005, 11:45 AM
FLGuppie FLGuppie is offline
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Hey Galleyhoo,

Yes, there is hull slap with the Outback. It has larger sides with storage trays shelves that are great to store things on, but it does create a large surface area, so slap happens. The Adventure probably will not have that problem.

Lunasea, I don't have the problem of the rudder turning so freely. I place the rudder in one spot and it stays put, unless I have large waves or start pedaling fast. Slow trolls are 90% hands free. I wonder if it is a set screw adjustment on the rudder control? hmmm???
Old 08-25-2005, 03:20 PM
Apalach's Avatar
Apalach Apalach is offline
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Agree with FlGup re the rudder--I have never noticed that mine had a mind of its own. When I set a course with the rudder, it generally stays there, whether paddling or pedaling.

I guess there is some hull slap with the OB, but to tell the truth it has not been bad enough so that I ever paid much attention to it. Maybe I need to experience some rougher water.
Old 08-26-2005, 05:34 AM
Ictalurus's Avatar
Ictalurus Ictalurus is offline
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My rudder stays put exactly where I leave it, but the boat still goes all over the place if there is a slight wind or ripples/waves. I figure the hull just doesn't track.
Old 08-26-2005, 10:01 AM
SmokinJoe SmokinJoe is offline
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Yeah the weight or my weight would be an issue with the sport. So I think I'll stay with the Outback. That Adventure sounds cool and if in time that becomes more viable I'll let the wife use the Outback and I'll look into one of them. It seems that the Tarpon 160's are preferred in the salt because of paddling speed and storage. This Adventure should kick butt on that arena. I'll be curious to see the reviews.
My hats off to Hobie for paying attention to the boards, and guys like JonS, Barrell, West Coast guys and company that have really brought this sport to the forefront.
Old 08-26-2005, 04:30 PM
TomKirkman TomKirkman is offline
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I also own a WS Tarpon 120 and bought an Outback a few months ago, so I think I can things into perspective for you.

The Outback is a physically bigger boat than the Tarpon. A much bigger boat. You won't realize the difference until you set them on the ground next to each other. The Outback is much wider and much taller. The cockpit is bigger and the boat is heavier. It is a much larger boat in all respects.

On the water, the Tarpon is far superior in rivers or waters where you have rapids, shoals, riffles, etc. It will sneak through places where the Outback hangs up continuously, over and over and over. You'll get tired of lifting the mirage drive unit up and out 20 or 30 times in a day. I will not take my Outback back on any river that has any shallow areas. Never again. It's the worst possible boat for that type water. However...

After using the Outback in a lake, I won't go back to the lake with my Tarpon. The things that make the Outback such a poor river boat make it a fantastic lake or large water boat. The extra width that made it such a pain to get in and out of on a river's shallow waters, is a delight once you settle in and get organized. Great secondary stability. You can lean the hell out of this boat in a turn and zip around on a dime. Having the tackle box under your knees isn't bad if you carry much stuff. It's easy to get to. The tank well behind the seat is very deep and holds plenty of gear, and the Outback will carry a much greater load than the Tarpon. Sure, the Outback is also a lot heavier, but once you get it in the water that's a wash.

An Outback will not outrun a Tarpon paddled well. But, you can relax and kick back and have a sandwich or a drink while you motovate. You can fish while you move, keeping at least one hand free. You can pedal for hours on end. I love this boat.

For what it's worth - you already have a great paddling kayak, why duplicate that? If you want to fish and you plan on using the boat on deep large waters, the Outback is a boat you'll really like. The size and the weight are not so much that you can't handle it getting on and off your truck or car, and it's just one heck of a nice fishing/boating platform on bigger waters.
Old 08-26-2005, 09:26 PM
IB_ElDiablo IB_ElDiablo is offline
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I fish with my Outback 1-2 times a week...Flguppie is right there is some hull slap...but it has never hindered my fishing..as for my rudder ..most of the probs I have are from me not paying attention to it..getting caught in vegt...as for fishing ease...can't beat the mirage sys...but I am looking to Upgrade to the Adventurer...as I see it, it's all about ease/storage and fishing...plus the 16ft would glide easier..
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