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Do It Yourself Here's where you get your hands dirty, so to speak. So if you like to build or customize things for the yak, this is your forum

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Old 05-31-2007, 04:43 AM
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I'll try to put a visual on this... I've got an idea that might work for some boat owners that want to haul kayaks, but have two ways to go. One relies on the kayak stern to be partially in the water, the other has the kayaks lifted completely out.

Most small boats have round pedestal bases that are flush mounted to floors and front decks. Solution 1 is to make a T-bar for the front deck that uses a vertical post that locks the wedge base directly into the pedestal base. On the floor of the cabin, there are four seat pedestal bases. Leave the two front seats in, remove the two back seats and use those bases to insert a two post with cross bar elevated to match the height of the front T-bar. Kayaks are lifted and secured to front and back bars and lines are stretched to front and back hardware to prevent from lifting.

Solution 2 is to use a back pedestal only with still the two points inserted to seat pedestal base, but cut the height of the pedestals and make it wide enough to secure the bows of the kayaks to pedestal by suspending them or putting them on top of cross brace and seperating the kayaks wide enough to allow for engine to to turn freely left and right with the sterns in water. Solution 2 has less hardware, less lifting, and in and out of the water faster. With a cross locking bar to connect two kayaks, they would freely angle, yet ride inconsistent wave patterns caused by travel.

Hope this is descriptive enough. Any ideas of whether either of these ideas make better sense? Are these crazy? Thanks.

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