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Old 07-07-2012, 10:39 AM
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Default Going under the knife

Long story but on March 2nd..... Yes a bunch of months ago I was trying to hook up my hose to wash River our GSP off. It was warm and she was muddy. Well the outdoor faucet is right up against the porch. Porch has a small hole cut out for it. Not big enough for my hand to hook up the hose.
<---- had idea to use the saws-all to cut hole bigger. Couldn't get the butt plate on the wood so I was fighting the saw to cut. I was to stubern to stop and get it to cut right. lesson learned the hard way!!!

I messed up my shoulder. ER was no help... $100 co pay for that, doctor visit $20 co pay, month or so of physical therapy, another $20 co pay visit to the doc. He decides that I should see a Orthopedic Surgeon. got told appointment was in a month. I called around and got one the next Monday. 3 appointments with Dr Woods in Titusville, Pa. got me 3 shots of cordizone. Then an MRI haven't go that bill yet... a follow up on that that determined I have a small cyst caused by a possible tear in something. Also got another shot and they tried to drain it. that didn't work.This whole time I have been trying to work and put my normal 100% in but my #'s have gone down. No real light duty and having to collect a full paycheck. Which leads me to my appointment today and still in pain where we decided that they are going to scope it.
I'm going under the knife on the 17th. Its my G/F Kathie's Birthday!!! They are going to make 3 incisions. 1 for the lil camera and 2 for the tools. They will each be the width of my nail. I will be off work after that till my follow up appointment on the 30th. During that time I will have a few exercise to do and not be able to move my shoulder much at all. Good thing I drink beer with my left arm.... If I can afford to!!! At that appointment they will decide if there is anything else they need to do and what I will be able to do at work if anything... BTW I hate going in for surgery!!! its a one day knock me out fix it up and then recovery for a few hrs then home. Kath will have the day off to drive me home. I'm just glad I am closer to getting it fixed.... its been a long time since I did it the 1st week of march!

So as far as I can tell I have under 10 days left to play with the kayak until who knows when.... right now my shoulder hurts enough i don't think I want to go for a paddle this weekend.

definitely an $$$ lesson doctor bills and gas for the hr down to Titusville and hr back home sucks!!!
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Old 07-07-2012, 12:54 PM
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Things like this are never fun, but you've got the right attitude. Faster you fix it up the better. Good luck and recover quickly!
"There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot."
Steven Wright
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Old 07-09-2012, 07:10 AM
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Good Luck and here's to a quick recovery!
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