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Old 09-06-2003, 08:27 AM
Santiago II Santiago II is offline
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Do you need any excessively tricked out kayaks. Have lots of them. I would be happy to put any of my mods on any demo boat you want (I was thinking about the novel fish finder with a hatch mounted battery box and removeable transducer just as an example). I'm sure everybody has there own mods they'd love to show off.

Also, how about seminars on how to fight and land really big fish; how to surf/launch/land and live to tell about it; etc. etc.....

.....Jon just tell me to shut up when I get too irritating


Someday God will explain the universe to me ... while I'm waiting I'll go fishing
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Someday God will explain the universe to me ... while I'm waiting I'll go fishing
Old 09-06-2003, 08:31 AM
Santiago Santiago is offline
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I would love to attend a Kayak expo.

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Old 09-06-2003, 09:00 AM
swanny swanny is offline
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Jon - Sounds like a great idea. We have a good diversity of guys around. You could ask for regional seminars. I'd be happy to do one on kayakfishing the RI shoreline and Narragansett Bay. Techniques would be awesome also - Like if JoeV could do a "tubing seminar" He'll be busy with the new baby but maybe we could talk him into it I would be happy to share my experiences with fishing the whitewater. Adding the Flyfishing sounds solid. I would enjoy doing something with dyeing and bleaching. I'm getting more and more into it as I write this. Sounds like a solid idea to me oh yea -when were you guys thinking Jon? Winter or spring I assume. Also how long? 1 day deal or a weekend?
Old 09-06-2003, 11:00 AM
luckyboy luckyboy is offline
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JonS..... I can donate my boat for the video crew and other comforts as you shoot. I am limited to Pt Washington and the Western Sound between Throggs Neck and Mamaroneck

Bob J
Old 09-06-2003, 01:49 PM
BravesWin BravesWin is offline
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I can stand on the sidelines and spew forth information that I'm marginally qualified to contribute.

As my grandfather taught me, the best time to fish is when you can.
As my grandfather taught me, the best time to fish is when you can.
Old 09-07-2003, 09:15 AM
KrisL KrisL is offline
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From a consumer stand point, the show is an excellent idea. There is a ton to learn, as well as, a lot of new products to see. I would be there.
Old 09-07-2003, 02:05 PM
RichC RichC is offline
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I think its a great idea! Great venue to show fishing kayaks & gear. Being fairly new to kayak fishing, not sure where I could contribute but would be willing to help out. Let me know..

Old 09-07-2003, 04:50 PM
Yak-a-Lou Yak-a-Lou is offline
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My contribution is in the form of a thought...

They won't really "get it" until they paddle one. Is it possible to set up the "show" at a place where people can paddle for their first time? Waterside expo center?

Old 09-07-2003, 07:38 PM
Big Moe Big Moe is offline
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That would put us on the map,so to speak!
How about inviting members of the several
other Kayak Fishing websites. I Know there are
at least Ten(10) maybe more Kayak fishing sites
that I have visited on the net. This would give us a diverse group. All could participate as one big federation with an interest in Kayak Fishing. It would be good to hear from Kayak Fishermen from California and Texas. Maybe Dennis
Spike can be a guest speaker? I would be glad
to help in whatever way I can.
Old 09-08-2003, 03:10 AM
JonS JonS is offline
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Guys, we're discussing a kayak fishing expo. NOt a TV show, not an on water event. Something between the Somerset fly show and Paddlesport for those of you familar with it. We would include these 4 subjects - kayak fishing and gear, general paddling and gear, fly fishing and fishing, all in one event.
So we would have kayaks for sale, including brands that KFS carries and ones that we don't. We would promote the event both in the fishing world and paddling world and let the kayak companies bring the models they want without restrictions, but empahasize to them to bring models that fish well. We would have guides with booths and as featured seminar speakers. We would also have seminars and classes put on by others involved in the sport. We want to encompass general fishing and fly fishing as many of them who came for these would get exposed to kayak fishing. We would advertize in a variety of publications and the TV programs that have fishing shows. The ideal time would be March as people would be getting ready for the season.

We'd have a pool in the facility so people could see stability.
I agree trying to tie in as many other groups as possible. For instance websites, etc. Some will see what we're doing as great but some unfortunately will not as they're not in control. We want to help the sport grow. Seeing all the gear, talking with experienced participants in the sport. Exchanging ideas, etc. will help the sport evolve and grow up.


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