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Old 04-08-2006, 07:06 AM
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Let me know how your trailer turns out Iím about to do the same thing on a little boat trailer I picked up.

Old 04-08-2006, 08:45 AM
SurfMonkey SurfMonkey is offline
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Worked out really well. A couple of 2X4's, some 1 1/4" fence pipe (I have laying in the yard from Katrina), a few nuts, bolts, some black paint to paint the 2X4 and it is DONE...

Had an issue with the lights on the trailer. Kept blowing a fuse in the tow vehicle and I traced the wires looking for frays 4 times. Could not find the short...took the lights off and "VOILA" a short where the light had been put on the trailer without running the wires throgh the little groove to keep that from happening--dealer error! I taped it up, and "VOILA", I now have completely functioning lights.

All I need now is a truck bed tool box in the front of the trailer to secure stuff in, like PFD, tools, tackle boxes, and other stuff of necessity.

I'll take some pics but will have to get Bighead or flyingmango to post them for me...

Needed the trailer for when my wife "ReelSlo" comes. Not quite tall enough to help get the yaks on top of vehicle with the J Racks....now I won't fuss at her to lift higher--stand on your tip-toes and we can enjoy the ride to the launch site without her having to get over being aggravated at me
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