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Default 55lbs. Thrust Trolling Motor Mounted on NU14.5 Tandem

55lbs. Thrust Trolling Motor Mounted on NU14.5 Tandem

Here is Link http://s1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee511/yaker561/
to show how I Made a Mount on My NU14.5 Tandem to allow My Minn Kota Power Drive V2 Trolling Motor, 55LBS. Thrust to be Mounted on the Stern of it. I had already made a transom for side mount 45lbs. thrust TM, which allows easy way to get TM on it. The Difference the TM added from Paddling allowed Me More Freedom, the same Difference with the Stern Mounted TM , it is another Step Up to More Freedom in the Yak, and Allowing Me More time on the Water Enjoying the Yak) I would Not take that away from the Experience, the Side mount, If that's what You can do then Enjoy it)
The TM came off My Deep V Boat and therefor the Long Shaft, which I added My Safety Flag to it, I did have to separate My Rocket Launchers to allow the Long Shaft to lay down, Now I think I may Like them better along the sides as I can turn n Look to see which Rod I want. I had Nothing to Lose by using the TM as already had it) I was Concerned with the Unlocking of Shaft of TM ,to slide it into water, therefor added a string at top, and when first get to lake just unlock shaft, and when paddle away I release the string which allows the Motor and Shaft to tilt up and slide down to be Locked into position, added another string onto the Release slide, when needing to tilt back up , I pull String to unlock and pull other string tied to shaft which allows TM to tilt down) The Metal and Wood Mount I made really came together Nicely and Cheap as had all the Pieces I needed, and Again Thanks to Native for the 2 Stern Screws they installed because it allowed the securing of the Mount to the Yak) I only Drilled 2 Bolt Holes at the front of Metal Mount , which is hid from view, making a Clean setup) Then just screwed the TM Plate to the 2x8 wood and slide the TM into place and Locked it in. This also allows Me to Unscrew the TM from the Plate and just Slide it off if I need to)

My Trailer with the 10ft PVC allows Me to Slide Yak More forward as the added weight on Stern from TM . The Added Length of the Tongue , I had Already done, Allowed this with No Issues.

1. The 55lbs. Thrust TM, Stern Mounted , It allows the Yak to be Stable as all the weight is Centered , No More shifting as did with Side Mount, for Offset TM.
2. This TM has Electronic Pad for Steering and 18ft. Cord, so I can steer from front seat if I desire to.
3. The Steering is Very Touchy, it takes a Very Small Touch of the Foot to turn the Electronic Steering, I mean Quick.
4. The Steering is Backwards also as these TM were made to Pull, so You have to Really Think about and get used to tap Right is Left Turn, Tap Left is Right Turn, the Reverse is to Hold down the Pedal and the TM Spins the Shaft to Reverse itself.
5. The Stern Mount Seems to allow Less Battery Usage even with the Larger TM, It always seemed My Side mounted TM Battery usage was going away faster, after 4hrs Trolling I had Plenty Power still with the Stern Mount)
6.Moved 12 Volt Battery Forward of Rear Seat and Just behind Front seat, to distribute weight.
7. I enjoyed the Side mount TM , and with the 55lbs. Thrust Mounting will Enjoy the Challenges it Brings)
8. It also Cost Me Nothing as I had Everything already)
9. I Truly am Hands Free as I Trolled along with 2 Rods in Holders and Enjoyed if I want to thro another rod)
10. Most Importantly is, I have More power to Help get Me out of Harms way, If Storms Blow in)

Any Questions Let Me know) Thanks)
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