Sculpin jigs and Susquehanna River Smallmouth Bass...

Hank Hewitt a kayak fishing guide on the Susquehanna River for Anthracite Outfitters put these jigs together to present a juicy profile as well keep the ball head from rolling and the jig from either digging into vegetation cause it's too heavy, or being swept into snags because it's too light. They have a super attractive undulating look when just twitched across the bottom. Any bit of motion or current brings them to life.

Anthracite Outfitters North Branch Susquehanna River St. Patrick's Day 2010 report

The walleye bite is rock'n on jigs up here on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River in Northeast PA. We weren't targeting them either. We were fishing for northerns and musky as this is prime time for those beasts on jigs.


Anthracite Outfitters 2009 season re-cap


First and foremost to any who may be reading this, on behalf of Anthracite Outfitters LLC, Eddy Rider and I {Fish Tank}  wish you and yours a safe, healthy, and Happy Holidays. May the ensuing new year prove to be fruitful, and may trophy fish grace your continued kayak fishing and angling pursuits!!! CHEERS!!! 

Anthracite Outfitters prefrontal walleye bite 12-08-09



Catching Striped Bass with Live Eels

Hobie Kayaks: The Duck Hunting Kayak


Ice Cold Crappies

Fraser Island '09

Fraser Island '09

island adventures

Kayak Camping & Fishing Nirvana - It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

Anthracite Outfitters trip summary and report: 11-08-09


Eddy Rider and I hit the road to Sunbury last Saturday. We had two things to accomplish. First was to get a "maiden voyage" in for Anthracite Outfitters' latest addition to the fleet, a Native Mantaray 120.


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