Easy Kayak Bait Tank

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For those of us who use bait buckets on our yaks, that means a bubble box. Which, I don't care which one it is, if it gets splashed, it's done. I have tried them all in the last four weeks. Also, the hose coming out of the top makes it inconvenient to hang it over the side. You have to disconnect the hose, etc. The one being used is a Frabill.

Seems to me that if you can "refresh" the fish with whatever water you are in every so often it will perk them up. I think this works better than a cooler for keeping the temperature consistent. Plus, the bubble boxes say they will "aerate 7 1/2 gallons"-but will it do that with a mess of bait in there? Also, securing it is a bit of a challenge. So I came up with the following.

The first thing I did was replace the flimsy handle on the inner bucket with rope. This allows me to untie it and get the lid completely off. Fishstalker-7 gets credit for that idea.
Then get a rubber cork from Home Depot and drill a hole in it for the hose to pass through. It doesn't need to be snug, but shouldn't be loosey goosey either.

Then put a hole in the bottom of the outside bucket for the cork. It should be just slightly larger than the small end of the cork.

The cork will compress as you push it into the hole, sealing it to the bucket and the tube without restricting airflow.

Then I added one mini cleat from Home Depot on each side to secure to yak.

Put the mini bungee around the bucket above the cleats, put the ziploc bag over the bubble box pushing the nipple out the top and attach to mini bungee and hose. This secures the bubble box to the bucket, allows it to get air and provides a "splash barrier

Now you can secure the whole thing to your yak via the mini cleats. I also tie a cord from the handle of the outer bucket to a deck loop on one side-just in case, and a cord from the handle on the bait tank to a deck loop on the other side-for convenience. When you want to throw it over the side to refresh the water or use as a drift sock, or actually see which bait you are casting to its doom, you just grab the cord and pull it out. Bubble box, outer bucket and hose all stay in the yak. As you can see, it is also a pretty compact set-up.