Freshwater Kayak Fishing

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Big Bald Head

This story was posted on May 26th on the message boards, it's another example of kayak freshwater fishing.

My first sleigh ride today...Holy Cow!

I just got back from fishing my local need to chum cicadas, they are all over the water and the fish are keyed on them.

Took the kayak, started paddling out to a spot I know has deep water under overhanging trees. Saw cicadas all over the water on the way there, and a few bigger splashes as fish rose and inhaled the helpless critters. Kept my head, though, and kept paddling to my target spot.

Glad I did...I'm flipping my cicada fly under the trees when on my 4th or 5th cast a HUGE carp boiled on my know the kind of strike where the water bulges as the fish rushes the fly. This lake was stocked with grass carp 10 years ago to control the hydrilla, and you betcha I found one of those fish. Oh my god what have I gotten myself into? I'm WAY undergunned with my 8-weight, this is a giant fish ...The sleigh-ride was on...

He towed me clear across the lake and all the way back. I saw him quite a few times in the gin-clear water, and estimate him at easily 30 pounds and about 40+ inches. I can't make any headway on this fish, I get him to within 5-6 feet of the surface and he just dives again and starts towing me another direction. A few people on balconies watching the whole escapade...After about a 40 minute tug-of-war the fish had me in the shallows not far from where he struck.....another boater shows up and asks if I need help...I say "No" as I'm thinking about breaking him off...the fish ain't showing signs of tiring, still draggin me around the lake, and I only have two hours to fish...suddenly the carp sees the other boat and bolts hard under my kayak toward the docks, suprised me, and


I now have a three piece 8-weight.

So I give up. Reach over, grab my fly line, and pop the leader. End of story.

The rod is gauranteed (St. Croix Clouser model 8-weight), so no worries. The cicada fly I tied was a tail-less black Gurgler with black and orange crystal chenille for a belly and a bunch of rubber legs sandwiched in between the foam to imitate the wings.

I dodged home and got another rod (a 9-weight)and kept fishing for a another hour, landed 3 smallish LM bass (incredibly fat from cicadas) and had two more follows from giant grass carp.

Best Fishes!
Big Bald Head