How to install a wellnut

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KFS Staff

Wellnuts are the preferred method for fastening many things on your kayak. As with rivets, inside access is not needed. The wellnut is merely a brass thread insert over some rubber. A wellnut works like a shield or molly you would use to fasten items to a wall or ceiling in your home. When inserted with the flange up and then screwed, the rubber on the inside will expand and hold while making a watertight seal. Rivets might have slightly more holding power but they can leak. The wellnut's ease of use makes it the clear choice for your fastening needs.

Nuts and bolts are the strongest fastening method, but do not create a watertight seal. If you have don't have access to the inside of the kayak wellnuts are the best way to go. For most non load bearing applications (rod holders, fish-finders etc.) the wellnut is going to work fine. Picture below.

Some Tips On Using Wellnuts:
· Drill the right size hole(25/64"), the hole should allow the wellnut to pop in. You may use a 3/8" drill bit which is slightly smaller than the 25/64". Sometimes a little lubricant helps to get the wellnut in. After putting the wellnut in the hole place the item to be fastened over the wellnut. Push down slightly on the item you're fastening and slowly thread the bolt in (if you push too hard on the bolt you may push the wellnut through the hole). As the bolt begins to tighten you may apply additional pressure until tightened. · When tightening the bolt make sure you don't go too fast, this may make the wellnut spin.
· When  marking the holes before drilling some choose to use a punch and make a small indenture for the drill bit. Another option is to use a self tapping bit. This will stop the drill bit from moving and will insure all marked holes are drilled in the center.

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