Installing an A-hatch

So you want to mount a hatch in a kayak. Its not hard. Just a bunch of simple steps. Frst make sure the surface area is clean.

Place the template on the kayak and trace with a magic marker.

Now you have a tracing to make cutting the area out.

Use a drill to punch a hole in the kayak and then use a jig saw to cut the insert out.

At this stage I like to take out a sanding block and debur the edge and rough up the surface where the silicone is going to go. This will
allow it to adhere better.

Now you use the rim of the hatch as a template to drill the holes. I like to put a few rivets in the first few holes to hold the hatch rim in place while you drill. Drill all the holes using a ………… drill bit.

This is what it should look like.

Now its time to apply silicone to the rim. Use a generous amount. Its better to use too much rather than too little.

Put the rim in place and insert your fasteners. The hatch comes with rivets, but you could also use bolts and nuts, or wellnuts. Secure the fasteners and let dry overnight. Remove the excess silicone. I like to use a razor blade around the edge and then I peel away the excess.