Installing Paddle Clips

Installing paddle clips is very easy when you use wellnuts. What makes using wellnuts especially nice is that you don't have to use any glues or sealers. The tightened wellnut creates a watertight seal.

  1. Assemble your tools. You're going to need a drill, 2 drill bits (13/64" & 3/8") and a screwdriver.
  2. (4) wellnuts with washers and bolts.
  3. Place a paddle in the clip and put it up against the kayak. You want to put it just behind your hip on
    the side opposite where you like to land fish.
  4. Now take the drill with the 13/64" bit and drill a hole through both the paddle clip and continue through the kayak.
  5. Now place a bolt and washer in the rubber clip and place it in the hole. Now drill the lower hole in the clip repeating step 4.
  6. Remove the clip. You will now have 2 holes in the paddle clip and 2 pilot holes for the wellnuts.
  7. Put the 3/8" bit in the drill and use the pilot holes to make larger holes for the wellnuts.
  8. Put the wellnuts in both holes and push them flush.
  9. Now place the rubber clip with bolts and washers in both wellnuts and tighten completely using the phillips head screwdriver.
  10. Put the paddle back in the rear clip and put the other clip near the opposite blade. Position the clip a few inches from the end in the front while it's completely or near the blade in the rear. This will give you enough distance that you won't hit the forward clip while you're paddling.
  11. Repeat steps 4 through 9 and you're done.