Installing a Paddle Keeper System

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Buddy the Dog

The KFS Paddle Keeper System is one of the best ways to secure your paddle while kayak fishing. This bungee style paddle holder works well because it is very easy to get the paddle in and out of quickly with one hand. This bungee system also has an advantage over rigid paddle clips because it has a low profile and does not interfere with your paddle stroke. Below is a picture of the installed system without a paddle and another picture with the paddle secured.

KFS Paddle Keeper System, (paddle holder)    

Installation is very easy and can be done with just a drill, a screw driver, and a wrench. The KFS Paddle Keeper Kit includes hardware for multiple installation scenarios. The bolts, washers, and nuts included in the kit will provide the most secure installation, but requires that you can reach inside your kayak in order to tighten the nut on the inside. This method works well with sit-inside kayaks, and also with sit-on-top kayaks with center hatches that allow internal access.

The KFS Paddle Keeper Kit also includes well-nuts for those who have a sit-on-top kayak with no internal access. Well-nuts are an anchor system much like a dry-wall anchor. If you are not familiar with how to use a well-nut click here. (Reminder: If you are using well-nuts then you will need a 25/64" drill bit  and if you decide to rivet the paddle keeper instead you will need a rivet gun and the appropriate rivets).

Installation tips:

When installing the KFS Paddle Keeper System the two terminal ends should be about 9" - 12" apart and installed above the water-line of your kayak. The keeper clip should be installed about 4" -  6" above the clips and centered directly in between them creating a triangle.

You can purchase the complete KFS Paddle Keeper Kit with with all the fasteners in the Kayak Fishing Stuff online store (click here).