Internal Anchor Pulley System

Original Author: 
Doug Mclain

This anchor system cleans up the need for all those lines running all over your yak. The line will now be retracted from within the fishing kayak. You will still need a pulley line to position the anchor fore and aft. I ended up using a dog leash retractor that is just zip tied inside the kayak, but anywhere in the hull that you can mount it will work fine.

Very simple. I also mounted a block under the hole (inside the hull) so that there is very little resistance pulling in and out, since the line will most likely have to make a turn depending on where you mount the retractor inside the hull. The dog leash retractor is nice because it is small and has a rubber donut that prevents water from entering. It's about $30 for the 26' cord. You can also use a 40' clothes line retractor for about $14. The bulk head fitting can be found at west marine for $8. I am going to put a ceramic insert from a rod guide to make a nice tight fit that still slides real well. The current fitting I have should work fine without letting in any water though.

You can see the dog leash retractor is wedged behind the rod holder and wire tied in place. You will have to judge in your kayak how and where is the best place to mount.

Here is the shot of the how the fitting mounts into the kayak. There is a small block attached to help the line out.

A close up of the the block and the clip that attaches to the anchor.

This system is set up to run from bow to stern.

This gripper cleat works well for the pulley line or for tying off the anchor line.