Having trouble finding something on our new website?

Some things have changed around here, so if you find yourself scratching your head saying "well this dosn't look the same"... you're right! We've completely redesigned our website to better serve you! Here are a couple helpful tips that may help you out

Having trouble logging into the Forums?

We have upgraded our forums, but your username and post count are still there! You will need to reset your password to gain access to your old KFS forums account.

Having trouble placing an order?

Our new store has been carefully crafted to help you shop easier! If you have any problems completing your order, please call us at 973-659-1114 and we will be glad to assist you.

Where did the Launch Locations / Image Galleries go?

In order to serve you better, we've relaunched the website, and to do that we have had to completely rebuild some things from scratch. These features are just taking a temporary leave, and will be back before you know it!

I found a problem with your new website, what should I do?

If you find something on our website that dosn't work properly, please send an email to, or head on over to our Contact Us page and describe the problem to us.