Baja Kayak Fishing

    When it comes to kayak fishing you can't beat Southern Baja. The crystal clear, warm waters bring in a variety of fish, the quantity and quality of which are beyond your wildest dreams.

    When it comes to Baja hospitality you can't beat the hotel Punta Colorada. The family owned and operated hotel, located on Baja's East Cape, is considered by many to be one of the finest fishing destinations in Baja.

    La Jolla Kayak Fishing ("LJKF") has joined forces with Hotel Punta Colorada, to bring you the ultimate kayak fishing experience. In an effort to become one of Baja's premier kayak fishing destinations, Hotel Punta Colorada has invested in a new fleet of Ocean Kayaksä. The Scupper Pros, Drifters, and Cabo's are outfitted for fishing by Jim Sammons of La Jolla Kayak Fishing. All of the Kayaks are equipped with multiple LJKF rod holders with attached rod tethers, Surf to Summit™ seats, bow lines, paddle clips and PFD's.

    Punta Colorada, located on the Sea of Cortez, is closer to the fishing grounds than any other East Cape resort, which means less time paddling and more time fishing. Imagine catching bull Dorado, trophy Roosterfish, stubborn Pargo, Tuna, and even Sailfish and Marlin from your kayak. You will have fish pulling you so fast you'll question who's catching who. All this is possible just a short paddle from your hotel room.

    The East Cape of Baja is still one of the best fishing values available in the world, with kayak fishing packages starting at $500.00 per person double occupancy. World record catches are available just footsteps away from your hotel room door.

La Jolla Kayak Fishing will be running guided trips to the resort several times a year.

    Trips will be four days three nights and include up to six guided kayak-fishing sessions, three with mother ship support with live bait and fish storage. Also included are three meals a day prepared at the hotel.

The typical itinerary for the day is:

  1. An early breakfast watching the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez.
  2. Half day of guided kayak fishing with mother ship support.
  3. Lunch with a cold cerveza and a dip in the pool.
  4. Evening guided kayak fishing.
  5. Group Dinner to talk about the days adventure and the game plan for the upcoming day.

    Our trips will appeal to the entry level as well as experienced kayak fisherman, with at least two guides on the water to assist you. For the entry-level kayak fisherman we will focus on paddling technique, safety, kayak setup, fishing techniques, and fish handling.

For the experienced and entry-level kayak fisherman, the possibility of catching the fish of your life is just offshore.

    LJKF trips to Punta Colorada are not for the kayak angler alone, bring along your entire family. There are tandem kayaks to take the kids out fishing, or for a relaxing evening paddle. The kids can spend hours beach combing and snorkeling right in front of the hotel. With warm water, small waves and very little current, swimming in the Sea of Cortez is very safe. It is like snorkeling in a tropical aquarium.

Other activities available include:

  • Snorkeling in the warm clear water. We recommend you bring your own gear for proper fit.
  • Panga or Cruiser fishing
  • Walks down the miles of beautiful beaches (with a rod in hand for the great surf fishing)
  • ATV rentals
  • Horseback riding
  • Swimming in the pool
  • Day tours of Cabo San Lucas and La Paz
  • Siestas in your air conditioned room and just plain relaxing

What the fisherman should bring:

  • Rods: six to eight foot with seven foot being the optimum.
  • Reels: Quality reels loaded with twenty to thirty pound test, and a couple spools of extra line. Reels with clickers for trolling and something you are comfortable casting. The fish down here will put your line and gear to the test.
  • Light tackle: The East Cape is the perfect place to try and land that trophy fish on light tackle. Catching a Dorado on 6lb. test is a thrill.
  • Lures: Rapalas™ in several colors CD-11 and CD-14 or other trolling lures, Iron Jigs surface and heavy. Chrome and blue are great colors. Krocodiles™ small and large are hard to beat.
  • Plenty of terminal tackle: Hooks from 1 to 4/0, the small ringed hooks are great for the small sardenas. Sinkers of varying weights, leader material.
  • Small Gaff or landing tool such as a Boca Grip™
  • If you have a kayak fishing seat with rod holders you may want to bring it, you may want to carry several rods
  • Portable bait tank
  • Sea anchor and paddle leash
  • Electronics: Portable fish finders are a great tool to have on the kayaks, VHF radio, and GPS
  • Tools: Extra Diagonal cutters, needle nose, filet knife, reel tools, and reel oil.
  • Cooler to bring back your fish if you choose to keep any, along with some duct tape to seal the cooler and zip lock bags
  • Sun Protection: You will spend many hours under the hot Baja sun and taking some precautions can save your trip, there's nothing worse than a bad sunburn. Sunscreen and lots of it, wide brimmed hat, Sunglasses (bring an extra pair) Light nylon pants and light long sleeve shirt.
  • Camel Pak or other hydration system
  • Dry bags
  • Plenty of extra shorts and t-shirts. Sweat shirts or light jacket for the evenings
  • Camera to document your whole trip. The disposable waterproof cameras are a great way to go.
  • Endurance seat cushion, you will be spending many hours in your kayak and one of our Endurance seat cushions will really add to your comfort.

Hotel Punta Colorada has its own artesian well so you can feel safe drinking the water right from the tap. To get the most out of your trip consider staying for an extra day or two to really get into the Baja state of mind. You won't regret it.

Children under 10 years of age are $15 per day when occupying room with parents

Rates do not include 10% service charge and 10% Mexican sales tax. (Payable in advance)

An additional 2% room tax will added to the room rates (not including meals) payable at the resort. Usually works out to around $2.50 per night

Gratuities for the Panga captains and guides are not included.

Rates do not include airfare or ground transfers.

These trips fill up well in advance so be sure to book your trip early. Please feel free to contact the La Jolla Kayak Fishing office for further information regarding rates, availability or any questions about the trips.

Jim Sammons La Jolla Kayak Fishing
(619) 461-7172